Powers of Tribunal

Hon’ble Guwahati High Court in the case of Jeypore Timber & Veneer Mills (P.) Ltd. v. CIT [(1982) 137 ITR 415 (Gau)] as follows:

“Parliament in its wisdom has conferred upon the Tribunal broad and sweeping powers but at the same time controlled the powers by requisite constriction. The provision of section 254 of the Act is an enabling as well as disabling provision. A passing glance creates an impression that the Tribunal has been endowed with plenary power under section 254 of the Act to pass any order as it thinks fit. However, it is not so, as it will appear in the expression ‘such orders thereon as it thinks fit’, in section 254. The word ‘thereon’ in the expression is a serious constriction on the exercise of power by the Tribunal. It can decide only the points or grounds raised before it whereas the IT authorities can travel beyond the grounds and consider the entire assessment. The Tribunal has no power for the enhancement of any penalty or assessment nor can it remand a case with the object of such enhancement.”

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